Nesrin Gencosman Quran teacher,
  • Death Date 11/07/2018
  • Place of Death Ordu Penitentiary
  • Cause of Death Torture
  • Date of Burial 12.07.2018, Ordu
  • Date of Detention 30.04.2018
  • Place of Detention Ordu
  • Date of Detention 01.06.2018
  • Court-Judge who arrested 3rd High Criminal Court in Erzurum
  • Period of Detantion Died 41 days after her attest


Nesrin Gencosman was arrested because she was allegedly a member of the Hizmet Movement. She was a teacher of the Qur’an, in love with her profession. Unfortunately, due to the horrific prison conditions, she got pneumonia quickly. Her illness progressed every day, but she was not referred to the hospital, and her treatment was bypassed with the drugs given by the prison doctor, and her transfer was continually postponed. Miss Gencosman went to the infirmary again when the medications given were finished, but the drugs she requested were not provided with the pretext that it was the weekend. So it was a kind of torture to her. Finally, the young teacher, who fell into a coma because she could not take her medication, was taken to the hospital but could not be saved despite all the medical interventions.

Erdogan`s party claims to be an Islamic party, however they killed a Qur’an teacher hand-in-hand, and no action was taken against those responsible. Erdogan always reads the Qur’an or shows the Qur’an at his political rallies in order to increase his popularity in Turkey and any Muslim country. But Erdogan, who claims to be a very sincere Muslim, his cabinet and his fans, who see him as a ‘ deity/divine’, caused the death of a young female Quran teacher, and they act as if this death does not occur, like other deaths.

Right Violations During Arrest and Conviction (Length-Cause):
According to the ECHR:

“In emergency situations, the inability to provide the prisoner with health care immediately, the lack of health care provided without any reason for delay, the incomplete treatment of the prisoner, the damage to the dignity of the person, causing pain and humiliation in the person, and this situation may double his illness because it reduces his physical and moral resistance”. evaluated it as a violation within the scope of Article 3, which regulates the prohibition of torture and ill-treatment. It has been decided that the right to life is violated if the necessary health service is not provided and death occurs.

Date and Place of detention:
May 30,2018

Length of Arrest:
Died 41 days after her attest

Persons and Institutions responsible for death:

Ministry of Interior
Ministry of Justice
AKP government (Recep Tayyip Erdogan and cabinet members with signatory powers in the ‘Witch Hunt’ process)
Director and Deputy Director of Ordu Penitentiary Institution
Ordu Penitentiary Institution doctor

Process for Responsible Persons:
The family filed a complaint, but no action was taken.


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