Detention Deaths

Thousands of people; who were detained immediately after July 15, 2016, and who were subjected to torture and inhuman treatment, were systematically targeted by a gang entrenched in the police, MIT, and state institutions. Some names, including teachers, cadets, soldiers, and civil servants, lost their lives during the detention process as a result of beating, torture, and pressure.

Davut Turkel, 65

worker, member of AKCADER
Date of Detention 13.07.2017 Antalya
Death Date 03/08/2017
Cause of Death Torture/Cerebral hemorrhage
Place of Death Antalya

Davut Turkel, who was a member of the Mediterranean Employees Association, died in custody. According to the police’s claim, while being taken to testify, he fell and died by hitting his head on the stairs. Turkel, who was detained and arrested during the operation against the workers, passed away after 10 days in a coma.


Hamide Senyurt

Kindergarden teacher
Date of Detention 29.05.2017
Death Date 13/06/2017
Cause of Death Cancer-Bad Treatment
Place of Death Ankara

Kindergarten teacher Hamide Senyurt had a miscarriage just before the birth time because of her sadness from losing her job with a law decree. Her sadness turned to cancer after a while. Despite her disease was deteriorating rapidly in a way she could not even walk, she was detained and brougt to Ankara which was kilometers away. She passed away only 2 weeks after she lost her baby.


Ahmet Selim, 72

Author, Columnist Zaman Daily
Date of Detention 27.07.2016 İstanbul
Death Date 19/08/2016
Cause of Death Detention, sorrow, heart attack
Place of Death İstanbul

Ahmet Selim, who was a 72-year-old author, was tried to detain on his hospital bed. Selim’s heart could not endure, and he passed away not having been able to take to be named as terrorist.


Gokhan Acıkkollu, 42

History Teacher
Date of Detention 24.07.2016 İstanbul
Death Date 05/08/2016
Cause of Death Torture
Place of Death Istanbul Police Department

Gokhan Acikkollu was detained and tortured systematically for 13 days; he went into a coma twice; he was not given sugar pills that his family provided to the Police Department; he could not stand the severe torture and abuse and died  of a heart attack.


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