Imprisoned Deaths

After July 15, more than 500 thousand people were subjected to judicial proceedings, hundreds of thousands of people were arrested. Those who fell ill under prison conditions, pregnant women and women with babies were the most painful victims of Tenkil. Their treatments were disrupted, their access to hospital and health services was denied, and their release was stopped. Babies who died in the womb, imprisoned patients who got cancer were not released for months and years. Then came diseases and deaths.

Kahraman Sezer

Chief of police
Date of Detention Unknown
Death Date 31/01/2021
Cause of Death Imprisoned death,Corona
Place of Death Iskenderun T type Prison

Kahraman Sezer, who worked as a Branch Manager at the Diyarbakir Police Department, passed away due to Covid-19 in Hatay Prison. Due to financial difficulties, his family could not visit him for 1.5 years.


Omer Cubuklu

Date of Detention 19.05.2022 Izmir
Death Date 01/09/2016
Cause of Death Suicide(Allegedly)
Place of Death Izmir F Type Prison

It was alleged that guardian Omer Cubuklu, who was arrested in İzmir, ended his life by hanging himself with shoelaces and tracksuit laces in the temporary admission section where he was held alone in F Type Prison No.


Orhan Dalgıc

Civil Servant
Date of Detention 19.05.2022
Death Date 18/11/2018
Cause of Death Heart attack
Place of Death Manisa Prison

Orhan Dalgic, who was expelled from the civil service by decree after July 15 and remained unemployed, was later arrested. Dalgic was released from prison, where he had been detained for some time. In order to hold on to life, he opened a stationery store, but was arrested again, and his heart could not stand this persecution. He died on 18 November 2018


Sabri Colak, 69

Prof. Dr.-Retired Lecturer
Date of Detention 19.05.2022 Erzurum
Death Date 24/08/2018
Cause of Death Heart attack
Place of Death Ankara

Erzurum Ataturk University Engineering Faculty retired academic staff member Prof. Dr. Sabri Colak was tried for terrorist charges and was sentenced to 7.5 years in prison. He became ill in Van Closed Prison. He was taken to Ankara High Specialized Hospital. He remained in intensive care for 12 days but could not be saved.


Serif Vatansever

Date of Detention Unknown
Death Date 16/05/2021
Cause of Death Coronavirus
Place of Death Kocaeli Prison

Serif Vatansever was dismissed from his job by the Decree-Law in 2016. He was sentenced to 8 years and 9 months in prison .He spent 4.5 years in Kocaeli T-Type No:2 Prison. He did not have any chronic conditions. He died on May 16, 2021, one month after contracting the coronavirus due to negligence in prison.


Deniz Hakan Sen

Medical Representative
Date of Detention 19.05.2022 Istanbul
Death Date 06/03/2018
Cause of Death Gastric Cancer
Place of Death Istanbul

Deniz Hakan Sen did not have any disease when he was arrested and imprisoned. However, he couldn’t cope with the torture he went through and got cancer. He lost 35 kg in a month. Although the doctors said he would die, he was not released from prison, and he died from being excruciated in hospitals.


Cemil Dilber, 57

Agricultural Engineer
Date of Detention 01.09.2016 Afyon
Death Date 21/03/2019
Cause of Death Abuse,Heart attack
Place of Death Afyon,Dinar Prison

Cemil Dilber, 57, who had a heart attack on the visit day in prison, passed away. He was hospitalized after he had a heart attack in Dinar Prison, Afyon. However, due to neglect, recklessness and malice, Dilber was sent back to prison and lost his life.


Ibrahim Incesulu, 39

Date of Detention Unknown
Death Date 08/01/2020
Cause of Death Heart attack
Place of Death Ankara

Ibrahim Incesulu was working as a barber in Ankara. He was persecuted after July 15 like tens of thousands of innocents. He was first arrested and then released. He had a heart attack and passed away due to the hardships he endured.


Ahmet Kaplan

Chief Constable
Date of Detention 19.05.2022
Death Date 10/11/2020
Cause of Death Cancer,neglect
Place of Death Iskenderun Hospital

Ahmet Kaplan was the Chief of Police before he was arrested. He had advanced cancer. His treatment was administrated in his bed in the prison ward, handcuffed. All letters and calls for Ahmet Kaplan’s release were ignored, and Kaplan sadly died in prison.


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