This site is a database work created to be a memory of Tenkil victim’s deaths of under detention, in exile, of diseases, work accidents, imprisoned, suicide, and other deaths in the Aegean Sea and Maritza River; and also the abductions and other human rights violations. According to our database records, the number of people who died during the Tenkil process has exceeded 800.

Kenan Mercan

Gendarmerie Sergeant Major
Date of Detention Unknown
Death Date 28/07/2016
Cause of Death Suicide (Allegedly)
Place of Death Erzurum

Gendarmerie Sergeant Major Kenan Mercan, appointed in Erzurum Provincial Gendarmerie Command, allegedly committed suicide at his home after hearing that his police brother was suspended.


Hatice Cetin

Date of Detention Unknown
Death Date 20/04/2019
Cause of Death Cirrhosis Cancer
Place of Death Manisa

Hatice Cetin’s son, a teacher, and his daughter-in-law, a nurse, were allegedly members of the Hizmet movement and were expelled from their beloved profession with the Decree-Laws. Unable to bear the hardships of her son and daughter-in-law, Mrs Cetin got cirrhosis and passed away. She was buried in the Akhisar district of Manisa.


Unal Takmaklı, 77

Industrialist and Businessman
Date of Detention Unknown
Death Date 29/11/2016
Cause of Death Imprisoned death,Heart attack
Place of Death Menemen Prison

Unal Takmakli, one of the founders of “Ugur Deep Freezer”, which has managed to become a world-renowned brand, was arrested after 15 July. The 77-year-old famous industrialist had a heart attack in the prison where he was imprisoned and died in the hospital he was taken to.


Medeni Arifoglu

Businessman, BINGIAD Pres.
Date of Detention 25.07.2016 Bingöl
Death Date 25/01/2020
Cause of Death Cancer-Bad Treatment
Place of Death Bingol

Medeni Arifoglu was one of Bingol’s most enterprising businessmen. First, he was subjected to ill-treatment and torture, not being allowed to be treated in prison, after unjust detention and arrest. His appendix burst in the prison, he was not taken to the infirmary for 3 weeks. He had kidney cancer and because it was not treated, the tumor spread to the whole body, including the neck. He passed away after a delayed release, which was short before his death.


Uğur Abdurrezzak, 39

English Language Teacher
Date of Detention 18.09.2021 Kocaeli
Death Date 13/02/2018
Cause of Death Drowning in the Meric River
Place of Death Meric River

English teacher Uğur Abdürrezzak was first dismissed by decreelaw(KHK), then an investigation was opened and arrested. Uğur decided to go abroad with his teacher wife and children. Their boat capsized in Meric. While reaching the funeral of his wife and children, Uğur Abdürrezzak’s body could not be found.


Baykan Ates, 45

Deputy Comissioner
Date of Detention Unknown
Death Date 10/06/2019
Cause of Death Heart attack
Place of Death

Baykan Ates was a Deputy Commissioner in the police department and was purged from his profession by a Decree-Law. He died at the age of 45 as a result of a heart attack. The investigation and trial process against Ates was in the process.


Hasan Degirmenci, 43

Date of Detention Unknown
Death Date 04/03/2018
Cause of Death Heart attack
Place of Death Athens, Greece

Hasan Degirmenci went to Athens from Germany to help the victims who left Turkey and became refugees in Greece. However, he had a heart attack and died in Athens.


Beyza Ozden, 27

Educator,Dormitory Manager
Date of Detention Unknown
Death Date 03/09/2020
Cause of Death Cancer,sadness
Place of Death Istanbul

Beyza Ozden was arrested for working as a director in a private dormitory affiliated with Hizmet Movement and shut down by the regime. She couldn’t take it anymore and diagnosed with cancer at a young age. Ozden died at the age of 27.


Halil Ibrahim Tan, 63

Literature teacher
Date of Detention Unknown
Death Date 16/06/2020
Cause of Death Heart attack
Place of Death Kutahya

While Halil Ibrahim Tan continued his simple life as a Literature Teacher, his life darkened with 15 July injustices, and he was aggrieved by the Decree-Law. He was purged from the teaching profession he loved. Tan, who died at the age of 63 as a result of a heart attack, was expelled from his 37-year career with Decree-Law No. 672 issued after 15 July.


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