This site is a database work created to be a memory of Tenkil victim’s deaths of under detention, in exile, of diseases, work accidents, imprisoned, suicide, and other deaths in the Aegean Sea and Maritza River; and also the abductions and other human rights violations. According to our database records, the number of people who died during the Tenkil process has exceeded 800.

Huseyin Ozen

Turk Telekom chief
Date of Detention 15.02.2018 Bursa
Death Date 14/11/2020
Cause of Death Imprisoned death, covid-19
Place of Death Bursa Prison

Turk Telekom Bursa Regional vice manager Huseyin Ozen, who was imprisoned for 3 years, fell ill with Covid 19 in prison and died. He was infected with the virus due to searches without masks. 58-year-old Ozen left behind 2 tearful children and a grieving wife


Irfan Bayar

Date of Detention Unknown
Death Date 27/10/2017
Cause of Death Suicide (Allegedly)
Place of Death Kastamonu

 Irfan Bayar, a veteran in the 1997 Northern Iraq Operation, committed suicide after an investigation launched against him on terrorism charges.


Emir Said Inam, 39

Date of Detention Unknown
Death Date 15/04/2019
Cause of Death Suicide,depression
Place of Death Zonguldak

Emir Said Inam was a lawyer in Caycuma, Zonguldak. He allegedly killed himself with a hunting rifle in his house in his village for an unknown reason. It was stated that Inam’s father was a teacher who was expelled by the Decree-Law.


Filiz Duvencioglu, 34

Health technician
Date of Detention Unknown
Death Date 17/01/2018
Cause of Death Cancer
Place of Death Ankara

Filiz Duvencioglu had been cured of cancer for a long period of time. However, when she was dismissed from her profession, and never-ending successive detentions frayed her nerves, she was diagnosed with cancer again, which she could not overcome. Unfortunately, the young woman passed away.


Sevgi Balci, 37

Date of Detention Unknown
Death Date 15/08/2017
Cause of Death Suicide
Place of Death Isparta

Sevgi Balci, the mother of a seven-month-old baby and a nurse fired by a government decree in October 2016, committed suicide by hanging herself in Isparta province on Friday (August 15, 2017).


Mustafa Zümre

Computer Engineer
Date of Detention 26.06.2022
Death Date 16/12/2016
Cause of Death Drowning in the Meric River
Place of Death Meric River

Mustafa Zümre was an engineer at the 15th Missile Command. He was detained after 15 July and was subjected to severe torture. After he was released with judicial control, he decided to go abroad with his family. When his vehicles were checked at the border, he threw himself into the waters of Meriç, 3 months later his body was found on the shore of Meriç.


Mehmet Ali Koc, 43

History teacher
Date of Detention Unknown
Death Date 10/01/2019
Cause of Death Cancer
Place of Death Manisa

Mehmet Ali Koc was a history teacher in Hizmet affiliated coaching centres. He got cancer due to the stress and sadness he endures after the unjust arrest and detention of private teaching institutions and their administrators. He passed away on January 10, 2019.


Birol Dikyurt

Date of Detention Unknown
Death Date 14/09/2017
Cause of Death Glioma
Place of Death Germany

Birol Dikyurt was the Chairman of the Bartin Active Businessmen Association. His assets were confiscated, and he became `wanted` in Turkey; thus, he had to flee abroad in November 2015. Dikyurt passed away on September 14, 2017, in Germany, where he took refuge in 2017.


Cemal Ussak, 63

Date of Detention Unknown
Death Date 25/08/2016
Cause of Death Pancreatic cancer
Place of Death Europa

Cemal Usak was a journalist, writer, intellectual and ‘hafiz'(swot) .He was the last chairman of the Journalists and Writers Foundation. He was the spokesman for the Delegation of Wise Men.The foundation was closed on July 15.Usak, who took refuge in Europe from a witch hunt in Turkey,died abroad because of cancer.


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