This site is a database work created to be a memory of Tenkil victim’s deaths of under detention, in exile, of diseases, work accidents, imprisoned, suicide, and other deaths in the Aegean Sea and Maritza River; and also the abductions and other human rights violations. According to our database records, the number of people who died during the Tenkil process has exceeded 800.

Ahmet Selim, 72

Author, Columnist Zaman Daily
Date of Detention 27.07.2016 İstanbul
Death Date 19/08/2016
Cause of Death Detention, sorrow, heart attack
Place of Death İstanbul

Ahmet Selim, who was a 72-year-old author, was tried to detain on his hospital bed. Selim’s heart could not endure, and he passed away not having been able to take to be named as terrorist.


Zeki Dayan, 32

Date of Detention Unknown
Death Date 16/08/2018
Cause of Death Traffic accident
Place of Death Van

Zeki Dayan was a teacher in a Hizmet-related private Coaching Centre in Hakkari, which was shut down with the Decree-Law. During a journey, he collided with the bus. Zeki Dayan, his wife Aslihan Dayan, their daughter Eslem Inci Dayan, their relatives Yadigar and Osman Handanoglu couple were in the vehicle. Sadly, there was no survivors in the accident.


Kazim Kurnaz, 34

Date of Detention Unknown
Death Date 01/02/2019
Cause of Death Accident in workplace
Place of Death Aksaray

Kazim Kurnaz was expelled from teaching by Decree-Law. He died as a result of a work accident, falling from the 4th floor of the construction he worked in Duzce. Two months after his death, Kazim Kurnaz was acquitted of post-coup terrorism charges that led to his dismissal from the public service in the first place.


Mustafa Kara, 6

Kid -6 years old
Date of Detention Unknown
Death Date 27/09/2019
Cause of Death Drowning in Aegean Sea
Place of Death Off the Greek island of Chios

The boat, on which a group of 18 people, including academics, judges and teachers, boarded, capsized at around 12.30 in the evening. In the accident where 7 people lost their lives, one of the two children of the teacher Ebubekir-Gonca Kara couple who lost their lives either was Mustafa Kara. Mustafa was just a 6-year-old.


Mehmet Campasali

Date of Detention Unknown
Death Date 01/08/2017
Cause of Death Cancer
Place of Death Sinop

Mehmet Campasali was diagnosed with cancer 20 years ago but recovered as a result of the proper treatment. However, the sadness and stress that he experienced because of his son’s arrest within the scope of Hizmet related investigations worsened Campasali’s condition every day, and Campasali passed away on August 1, 2017, in his hometown of Sinop due to repeated cancer.


Kenan Eroz

Retired Officer
Date of Detention Unknown
Death Date 10/09/2020
Cause of Death Lung Disease
Place of Death Kutahya

Kenan Eroz retired from Kutahya municipality as a civil servant. He passed away due to a clot in his lungs, where he was kept in the intensive care unit after intestinal surgery.


İsmail Ulker

Chief Constable
Date of Detention Unknown
Death Date 26/06/2018
Cause of Death Imprisoned death- cancer
Place of Death Ankara

Ismail Ulker was a 3rd class Police Chief who was in love with his profession. He was detained for 23 months, and his treatment was delayed despite the Medical Board report. Ulker died in hospital shortly after his release. Ulker’s children became orphaned on Father’s Day. The regime brought about the death of an amazing human being and a dedicated police officer trained in the police force.


Ahmet Ok, 61

Date of Detention Unknown
Death Date 20/10/2016
Cause of Death Imprisoned death, heart attack
Place of Death Anamur Prison

Ahmet Ok, one of the tradesmen of Mersin Bozyazı, passed away after a heart attack in Anamur Prison where he was detained.


Lale Yildiz, 52

Date of Detention Unknown
Death Date 23/05/2019
Cause of Death Heart attack
Place of Death İstanbul

One of the most striking events of July 15 was the detention and arrest of nearly 3,000 judges and prosecutors that night. Lale Yildiz, the judge of Bakirkoy 13th Criminal Court, was one of the arrestees. She was first suspended on the grounds that she was a member of a terrorist organization, and then she was reinstated. Yildiz lost her life as a result of a heart attack, which she suffered under sadness and stress.


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