This site is a database work created to be a memory of Tenkil victim’s deaths of under detention, in exile, of diseases, work accidents, imprisoned, suicide, and other deaths in the Aegean Sea and Maritza River; and also the abductions and other human rights violations. According to our database records, the number of people who died during the Tenkil process has exceeded 800.

Huriye Boydak, 82

Date of Detention Unknown
Death Date 07/10/2016
Cause of Death Sadness / Heart disease
Place of Death Kayseri

The brothers Haci, Memduh and Bekir Boydak are the members of a Boydak Family that owns tens of factories and employs hundreds of thousands of workers, with a fortune of billions of dollars. The regime arrested them on fabricated allegations, and all their wealth & assets were confiscated. Their mother, Huriye Boydak, passed away on October 7, 2016, due to sadness.


Hüseyin Maden, 40

Date of Detention Unknown
Death Date 21/11/2017
Cause of Death Drowning in Aegean Sea
Place of Death Aegean Sea, near Lesbos

The teacher family Maden couple, who were expelled from their professions and their assets were confiscated with the statutory decree, could not withstand the pressure they experienced, and took their children aged 7, 10 and 13 with them and boarded the boat to go to Lesbos Island in Greece. While the boat capsized on the death journey, the whole family of 5 died by drowning.


Ali Aydinalp

Date of Detention Unknown
Death Date 18/09/2018
Cause of Death Traffic Accident
Place of Death Mugla

Some passengers were returning from visiting their relative in prison. The car went out of control and crashed into a tree on the side of the road in Mugla city. Driver Ali Akkaya died as a result of the impact.


Yahya Yazar

Date of Detention Unknown
Death Date 26/05/2020
Cause of Death Heart attack,sadness
Place of Death Izmir

Yahya Yazar, a well-known figure of İzmir Kemalpasa, was arrested along with his 2 sons as part of investigations against Hizmet Movement. Yazar, who has severe heart disease, got colon cancer due to the sadness he experienced. Major surgeries did not yield any positive result. He died of a heart attack.


Vedat Savlu

Date of Detention Unknown
Death Date 02/08/2016
Cause of Death Falling down the Balcony
Place of Death Isparta

One of the suspicious deaths in the country after July 15 occurred in Isparta. Businessman Vedat Savlu, for whom a search warrant was issued, fell from the balcony of his house on the 4th floor during the police raid on his house. The businessman, who was hospitalized, could not be saved.


Betul Seda Ozcan, 10

Date of Detention Unknown
Death Date 26/06/2017
Cause of Death Traffic Accident
Place of Death Elazig,in front of the Prison

Betul Seda Ozcan was too excited to visit her imprisoned father for the first time after six months. However, she lost her life in a traffic accident after being hit by a car in front of Elazig Prison.


Hasan Huseyin Gunakan

Date of Detention 29.03.2018 İstanbul
Death Date
Cause of Death
Place of Death

Hasan Huseyin Gunakan, an educator, was abducted from Kosovo on March 29, 2018 by an illegal MIT operation and brought to Turkey. Gunakan, who was arrested by the court on April 12, 2018, has been in prison since that day.


Mahir Mete Kul, 21

University Student
Date of Detention 01.01.2018 İstanbul
Death Date 24/03/2018
Cause of Death Drowning in the Meric River
Place of Death Meric River

Mahir Mete Kul was arrested after the chess tournament on the grounds of a confessioner’s statement. Although he was released in court after 10 months, he wanted to leave the country because of the continuing problems and fear of being arrested again. He died when the boat he was on to go to Greece capsized in the Meriç River. His lifeless body was found 15 days after he disappeared.


Ibrahim Halil Oruc, 16

Date of Detention Unknown
Death Date 26/01/2019
Cause of Death Negligence in Health and Safety at Workplace
Place of Death Diyarbakır

Ibrahim Halil Oruc was 16 years old. He had to work because his father was purged from his job by a Decree-Law in the aftermath of a failed coup attempt in Turkey in July 2016. He died as a result of a work-related accident in the southeastern Turkish province of Diyarbakir.


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