Fatma Guney Mother,
  • Death Date 12/06/2021
  • Place of Death Ordu
  • Cause of Death Traffic accident
  • Date of Burial 13.06.2021, Ordu


Fatma Guney was the mother of military student Murat Can Guney, who was detained for 5 years. She died in a car accident with her husband Seref Güney. The imprisoned son was not even allowed to attend the funeral service, which was the last duty for his mother and father.

The mother and father of military student Murat Can Guney, who has been detained for 5 years, died in a traffic accident. The imprisoned son was not even allowed to attend the funeral service, which was the last duty for his mother and father.

Driver Seref Guney and his wife Fatma Guney were seriously injured in a traffic accident in the Fatsa district of Ordu. The Guney couple were taken by ambulance to the hospital by 112 crews. Fatma Guney died in the University State Hospital, and Seref Guney died in the Ordu State Hospital. The accident occurred on the Unye Fatsa Highway. According to the information obtained, the car with license plate number 55 EH 052 under the management of Seref Guney entered the irrigation canal located on the roadside as a result of the driver’s loss of steering control. The car, drifting about 10 meters inside the irrigation canal, hit the concrete crossing bridge located on the canal.


Ayca Can Cicek, Guney’s lawyer, shared the painful news on her Twitter account. “The UN has asked for his release but they did not, the Supreme Court has overturned the file, they have not released him again. He lost his parents in a car accident today. Can they make up for this pain if they release him now? Is it easy to say to this smiling face: ‘We lost your mom and dad.’  What about deciding whether to go to the funeral in handcuffs or not? It is also up to me to tell this news to the cadet who lost both his mother and father overnight. How? Are we comfortable where we sleep?” 


The fact that military student Murat Can Guney, who was imprisoned in Silivri, was not allowed to attend the funeral of his mother and father, led to the reaction of the opposition parties and some non-governmental organizations. Murat Can Guney, who lost his parents in a traffic accident on his way from Samsun to Ordu, the prosecutor’s office gave a positive opinion on the request of the parents to attend the funeral to be held in Fatsa, but the request was rejected by the gendarmerie officials on the grounds that there were difficulties in taking precautions due to the Covid-19 epidemic. specified.

Republican People’s Party (CHP) deputy Sezgin Tanrikulu said in a video shared on his social media account that he had sent a note to the Ministry of Justice on the issue that the student’s right to participate in a religious, conscientious and humanitarian ceremony against his mother and father had been taken away for the last time, and “At least recognize the right to condolence. Would the gendarmerie have such a subjective decision?”  The mothers of military students, who  received life sentences tell us: the state that educates and punishes. “Do not prevent the detainee from participating in the ceremony, which has a legal right” wrote Tanıkulu, recalling that thousands of people were allowed to gather during worship in the mosque and in the halls of party congress despite Covid 19 break out.

There was also a reaction from the deputies of the People’s Democracy Party (HDP) regarding the incident. HDP Şırnak Deputy and Member of the Parliament Human Rights Review Commission and Constitutional Commission Hüseyin Kaçmaz wrote on his social media account, “He lost his parents in a traffic accident. It would be contrary to law and conscience not to be allowed to attend the funeral for security reasons,” he said. HDP Istanbul deputy Huda Kaya also said in a social media post that “he is just a student” for Murat Can Guney, stating that it is illegal and inhuman not to  allow to attend the funeral on security grounds. The European Justice Initiative also said “State officials should act in accordance with the law that surpasses human dignity, not with feelings of hatred. Don’t stop him from doing his last duty to his parents.!” 

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