Ahmet Hamdi Gerginci Tradesman,
  • Death Date 19/09/2019
  • Place of Death Sanlıurfa Prison
  • Cause of Death Imprisoned death, heart attack
  • Date of Burial 20.09.2019, Şanlıurfa
  • Date of Detention 19.05.2022
  • Place of Detention Şanlıurfa
  • Court-Judge who arrested Sanliurfa High Criminal Court
  • Period of Detantion 20 months


Ahmet Hamdi Nedim Gerginci, who was a cardiac imprisoned tradesman from Sanlıurfa, died of a heart attack while waiting for the “referral to hospital” decision to be implemented.

Ahmet Hamdi Nedim Gerginci, a hypertensive patient who was imprisoned for 20 months in Sanlıurfa No T1 Prison, died on September 19, 2019 as a result of a heart attack in prison.

Preventing or delaying the access of sick prisoners to health services caused dozens of prisoners to die during the Tenkil Process. Gerginci was one of those prisoners who was referred to the hospital, but the implementation of ´ the referral decision ´ was delayed despite having heart disease.


 One of the imprisoned friends in the same ward told  BOLD about what Gerginci has experienced there: “Nedim Gerginci was in the same ward with my wife.. I went to the prison to see him yesterday, then he told me. They were all in a very bad mood, he seemed bad.When Mr Nedim came out of the bathroom,they realized that he did not seem good. There was a doctor in the ward, he did the first intervention. Then he was taken to the hospital. The doctor said the blood pressure was high, the blood pressure hit his heart.” Ahmet Nedim Gerginci, who was referred to the Cardiovascular Department of the Şanlıurfa Mehmet Akif Inan Training and Research Hospital a month ago, was waiting to be taken to the hospital. The prison administration did not transfer Gerginci to the hospital for a month, despite the referral order. The report on whether Nedim Gerginci, who was arrested due to his close proximity to the Hizmet Movement, used “Bylock” came and it was revealed that he did not. He also had court the same day he had a nervous heart attack. The funeral of Gerginci, one of the shopkeepers of Şanlıurfa Japanese Passage, was buried in the Harran Kapı Family Cemetery after the funeral pray in Harran Kapı Mosque on Friday, September 20, 2019.

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