Uğur Abdurrezzak English Language Teacher,
  • Death Date 13/02/2018
  • Place of Death Meric River
  • Cause of Death Drowning in the Meric River
  • Date of Burial 13.02.2018, Cenazesi bulunamadı
  • Date of Detention 18.09.2021
  • Place of Detention Kocaeli
  • Court-Judge who arrested Kocaeli High Criminal Court
  • Period of Detantion 11 months


English teacher Uğur Abdürrezzak was first dismissed by decreelaw(KHK), then an investigation was opened and arrested. Uğur decided to go abroad with his teacher wife and children. Their boat capsized in Meric. While reaching the funeral of his wife and children, Uğur Abdürrezzak’s body could not be found.

Uğur Öğretmen was the wife of Turkish teacher Ayşe Abdurrezzak, who was dismissed by the decree-law either. After Uğur Abdurrezzak was dismissed by decree, he was investigated. After being detained in Izmit Kandıra Prison for (11) months, he was released in January 2018 and, just like his wife, he had a hard time finding a job because he was dismissed by the statutory decree.

All members of the family were caught tothe cold waters of Meriç when their boats capsized with 8 people who wanted to move to Greece after they were unemployed. The incident was heard after the teacher Ayşe, who was on the boat capsized in the military forbidden zone, shouted “Save my child” in Turkish. The lifeless bodies of (37) year old Teacher Ayşe (Söyler) Abdurrezzak, who were dismissed by a decree, were reached on the same day, and the dead bodies of their children (3) year old Halil Münir and (11) year old Abdülkadir Enes on February 13, 2018. The lifeless body of Uğur Abdürrezzak, the head of the family, could not be found.

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