Kamil Ismail Aydin Student, Business Administration at Bogazici University
  • Death Date 25/03/2017
  • Place of Death Istanbul
  • Cause of Death Suicide (Allegedly)
  • Date of Burial ,


Kamil Ismail Aydin was a student of Business Administration at Bogazici University, a major research university in Istanbul, Turkey. After his father’s arrest, Kamil Ismail Aydin allegedly committed suicide in the student dormitory.

Ismail Aydin is a Bogazici University (*) Business Administration Preparatory class student and was among the top 500 candidates in the Higher Education Entrance Examination held in 2016 and attended by 2,255,386 people. However, 19-year-old Kamil Ismail Aydin committed suicide on 25 March 2017 in Istanbul, in the student dormitory after his father was arrested.

Kamil Ismail Aydin allegedly became depressed after his father, Prof Dr Nasuhi Engin Aydin, was arrested as part of Hizmet Movement operations on the grounds that he had an account in Bank Asya, which was closed by the regime and allegedly related to the Hizmet movement. His father, Prof Dr Nasuhi Engin Aydin, was the head of the Department of Medical Pathology at Inonu University.

(*) Bogazici University : It is the first American higher education school outside of the United States, founded in 1863 as Robert College. Even though it is now totally under Turkish authority, the university has strong links to the American educational system. Bogazici University always ranks first in Turkey, attracting the most significant number of applications through Turkish institution admission exams, making it Turkey’s most selective public university.

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