Irem Sena Sahan Children,
  • Death Date 11/03/2018
  • Place of Death Manisa
  • Cause of Death Traffic accident
  • Date of Burial 12.03.2018, Manisa


Sinan Sahan is an imprisoned coaching centre teacher. His 12-year-old daughter, Irem Sena Sahan, died when she was hit by a car in front of the door while she was leaving her house to buy bread. 

Sinan Sahan`s coaching centre was shut down by a Degree-Law by the regime, claiming that the coaching centre was affiliated with the Hizmet Movement.

*: FEM Educational Institutions are a chain of private tutoring schools in Turkey. As of 2013, only FEM had 280 branches in Istanbul and throughout Turkey. The top scores for the university placement test were always from Hizmet related coaching centres. Their students were always the most successful in Turkey. Like FEM, there were 917 coaching centres in almost all cities in Turkey. But, unfortunately, all were shut down by the regime, which is jealous, envious, hostile to education, and want the continuation of their reign rather than the welfare of the people. All their teachers, administrators, cooks, drivers, cleaners or food suppliers in such coaching centres… regardless of their relation to the coaching centres or being a Hizmet Movement follower or not, all of them were either arrested or purged by the regime.  



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