Ibrahim Erkul Professor in Medicine, Selcuk University, Konya
  • Death Date 21/11/2020
  • Place of Death
  • Cause of Death Covid-19
  • Date of Burial ,


Professor Ibrahim Erkul, former Dean of Faculty of Medicine of Selcuk (State) University in Konya, passed away due to Covid-19. Before his death, Mr Erkul was a lecturer at Mevlana University, allegedly affiliated with Hizmet Movement. In the investigations initiated after July 15, the university he worked at was shut down and its assets confiscated by the regime; Mr Erkul was detained and arrested. He was imprisoned for a long period of time and was released due to his poor health conditions. Professor Erkul was not married and took care of his elderly mother. Ibrahim Erkul passed away on November 21, 2020, after his battle with Covid-19. 

Konya city, best known for its Islamic sensitivities, became the city where most innocent babies, pregnant women, older people or countless naïve and harmless people were persecuted by the `Islamic!` regime in Turkey.

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