Aysegul Ozturk
  • Death Date 08/09/2016
  • Place of Death Istanbul
  • Cause of Death Postpartum endometritis, blood loss and sadness
  • Date of Burial 09.09.2016, Istanbul


Aysegul Ozturk was one of the first victims of the Tenkil process. While waiting for her husband, who was taken into custody, she lost her 4.5-month-old baby and later her own life. Aysegul Ozturk, 33, was the wife of Ahmet Ozturk, one of the arrested police officers. While waiting for her husband in custody, she first lost her 4.5-month-old baby and then her life in the hospital. The regime had organized an operation and arrested Ahmet Ozturk within its scope against many police officers on duty even before the July 15 process began.

On July 22, 2014, the AKP regime, who claimed to be an Islamic Party, started arresting the police officers before they began fasting at night during the month of Ramadan, that is the holiest month of Muslims, which is one of the months that even the pre-Islamic barbarian and savage Arabian Peninsula tribes, that buried their daughters alive, named Ramadan as ‘forbidden months ‘ and did not fight. Ahmet Ozturk, the former Deputy Director of the Intelligence Branch in Istanbul, about whom the allegations were made that he escaped during the operation, went from Siirt to Istanbul and surrendered to the Police Department on Vatan Street. He was released on July 26 after his statement to the prosecutor’s office.

4.5 months pregnant Aysegul Ozturk waited for her husband for days in front of the police station and courts, even though she was in the middle of her pregnancy. Despite the fact she was still in the early stages of her pregnancy, Aysegul Ozturk, who stayed with her family in Istanbul, was transferred to the hospital due to her labour pains. The young woman was released home after the physicians prevented the preterm birth. The 4.5-month-old infant died in the womb after a while. Aysegul Ozturk was sent to the intensive care unit after contracting an infection. Struggling to live on the life support unit since the severe blood loss had impaired her physiological functions. She was given 30 units of blood. Ozturk sadly died on September 8, 2014, after spending 16 days in intensive care. After a funeral prayer at Istanbul Fatih Mosque, Aysegul Ozturk was interred in Eyup Sultan Cemetery. Seeing the final touches on his mother’s coffin by Hikmet Ozturk was heart-breaking.


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