Ali Sehir Private Brigade Command, Turkish Armed Forces
  • Death Date 15/07/2016
  • Place of Death Ankara
  • Cause of Death Planned Attack
  • Date of Burial , Kutahya


21-year-old Ali Sehir, who served as a private in Ankara 28th Mechanized Infantry Brigade Command, lost his life in the attack that broke out on the night of 15 July 2016. He was enrolled in the army only 18 days before the coup. Despite his eye diseases and sleep disorders, he had succeeded in becoming a soldier of his own accord. 

Soldiers were sent from the 28th Mechanized Infantry Brigade to the Ankara Police Department with the pretext of ‘there is a military drill’, and among them, some were martyred. Ali Sehir was also killed in front of the Ankara Police Headquarters that night. His family searched for his body for days. Ahmet Sehir, the father of Ali Sehir, said that it was forbidden to bury his son’s body officially. At The Human Rights Association (IHD) meeting, he stated, “We cannot accept that this happened to our son, whom we handed over to the military.”


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