Ismail Dag Petty Officer, Turkish Armed Force
  • Death Date 23/02/2017
  • Place of Death Sincan Prison Ankara
  • Cause of Death Imprisoned death, suicide allegation
  • Date of Burial ,
  • Date of Detention 16.09.2021
  • Place of Detention Ankara
  • Court-Judge who arrested Ankara High Criminal Court


Ismail Dag was one of the soldiers hypnotized by Ergenekon suspect, Retired Colonel and Military Judge Ahmet Zeki Ucok. Mr Dag was arrested after 15 July and died suspiciously in Sincan Prison. Dag allegedly hung himself with the bed lining. However, the suspicious death was not investigated, like other suspicious deaths linked with the Hizmet Movement.

Retired Colonel and Military Judge Ahmet Zeki Ucok allegedly tortured 3 Perry Officers with hypnosis in 2009, which was illegal. One of the detainees was Ismail Dag. He was detained in Sincan Prison within the scope of Hizmet investigations, allegedly committed suicide.

What had happened? Background of the case:

Ahmet Zeki Ucok was the Air Force Command Military Prosecutor in 2009. However, instead of investigating in a systematic & regular way to collect the evidence, he opted to slander Fethullah Gulen and the Hizmet Movement. In order to have fabricated evidence to pave the way for arrest the Gulenists, he tortured three soldiers in his city and tried to produce false evidence by hypnotizing them, which was totally illegal.

Ahmet Zeki Ucok opened an investigation against 3 Non-commissioned Officers on the grounds that they entered the electronic correspondence system of the Air Forces Command and produced false orders so as to make some Turkish Air Forces (TAF) personnel members of the Ergenekon Terrorist Organization. Nearly nine months after the arrest of the Non-commissioned Officers, Ahmet Zeki Ucok was arrested on charges of torturing his soldiers with hypnosis during the investigation.

The innocence of the soldiers was proven in the free court.

What is Ergenekon:

The Ergenekon trials (2008-2016) were a series of high-profile trials which took place in Turkey in which 275 people, including military officers, journalists and opposition lawmakers, all alleged members of Ergenekon, a suspected secularist clandestine organization, were accused of plotting against the Turkish government. The trials resulted in lengthy prison sentences for the majority of the accused. In the event, those sentences were overturned shortly after.

Since Istanbul Heavy Penal Court 13 accepted the 2,455-page indictment against 86 defendants in the first case against alleged members of the supposed clandestine organization Ergenekon on 28 July 2008 a further 14 indictments were submitted up to February 2011. Until the fourth indictment the number of defendants had increased to 531 and more than 8,000 pages of indictments had been written. Most trials are held in Silivri Prison. In June 2009, the prison’s sport hall was converted for the term of the trial into a maxi courtroom with a capacity for 753 people.

When the corrupt ministers of the Erdogan government and their children were caught red-handed on December 17/25, 2013, Erdogan and his gang, who cooperated with Ergenekon gangs, released all Ergenekon members who wanted to stage a military coup against their government. Then, Zeki Ucok was also released from prison.


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